Formula-1 became outdated?

Every new season of Formula-1, we admire racing cars, discuss their technical specifications and calculate chances to win. Companies compete among themselves, creating cars to strike the imagination of the inhabitants. Not to mention crowd of fans, coming from all over the world to see the race competition and to take a selfie with their favorite pilot. However, what is the opinion on modern Formula-1 of those who had direct attitude to Grand Prix for about 20-30 years?

Alain Prost, participant of 13th championship Formula-1, four times a world champion (1985, 1986, 1989, 1993), Frenchman in his interview to BBC stated that everything comes too easy to modern pilots. They do not need to think over strategy and tactics of the race and collaboration with engineers. Only the speed matters.

Flavio Briatore, successful manager of Formula-1, who brought his team "Renault" to championship title for four times shares the opinion of Alain Prost. Speaking on one of the radio stations, Briatore said: "races are now very predictable and they drive too much considering the timing". According to his opinion, Formula-1 has already become outdated and it is time to radically changes.


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