Hotels located at the center of the city are quite expensive, that is why experienced tourists recommend rent an apartment - it will cost them significantly cheap, although they do not locate next to the place where racing takes place.

How to get to the autodrome?

As the roads of the city center are closed, local inhabitants actively use metro to reach to the center. You can also take the taxi, if do not care to get into traffic jam. Taxi is the most budget way to travel around the city.

Breakfast - lunch - supper

At the recreation zones you can find the tents, selling the food. At the city there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, where you can fully eat or just get snacks.


It is recommended to take with you dollars, of which later possible to exchange into local manat at any bank.


If you decided to take your favourite dog to the tribune, come on rollers or bring flags on the poles, it is better to leave this idea...


  • You cannot bring your drinks or food. You can only buy that or this at the territory of autodrome.
  • Alcohol, glass containers and freezer bags are forbidden.
  • If you take your chair or stool, you will not be allowed in.
  • Do not take gel balls and flags on the poles - it will be against the security policy.
  • Firearms or their imitations are also forbidden to bring with yourself (for example, lighters-pistols).
  • Leave your dog (if it is not guide dog), cat and other favourite animal at home, since you will not be allowed to enter to the autodrome territory with them.
  • It is not recommended to come on bike, scooters, skateboards, rollers - it is forbidden by the rules of the event.
  • TV broadcasting equipments, musical instruments, alarmed rockets, laser indicators, fireworks, whistles, sound amplifiers and vuvuzelas will be withdrawn.