Free accommodation

You get a free roaming ticket with a free seat at the territory of autodrome and possibility to move between different zones of the track.

All entertainment for you for free
Access to all zones
Broadcast on a huge screen

FRİ shared 3200 ₽ Купить
SAT shared 4500 ₽ Купить
SUN shared 6500 ₽ Купить
FRİ shared 3200 р. Купить
SAT shared 4500 р. Купить
SUN shared 6500 р. Купить

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Along the Seaside Park, there is a "free placement". Here you can find available podiums, which make it convenient to watch the progress of the race.

Whoa, I'm dizzy!

There are many options for animating modals, check out the Motion UI library to see them all

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