Giz Galasy

"Gyz Galasy" tribune offers a unique view to Maiden Tower - the monument included into UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Broadcast on a huge screen

FRİ adult 4600 ₽ Купить
SAT-SUN adult 13000 ₽ Купить
THU-SUN adult 14000 ₽ Купить
THU-SUN child 10000 ₽ Купить
FRİ adult 4600 р. Купить
SAT-SUN adult 13000 р. Купить
THU-SUN adult 14000 р. Купить
THU-SUN child 10000 р. Купить

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It is a unique case, when the viewers can admire historical symbol of the city and watch the racing.

Whoa, I'm dizzy!

There are many options for animating modals, check out the Motion UI library to see them all

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