Formula-1 organizers reasonably and almost creatively approached to the establishment of the track: the track with be at the length of 6 km passing directly old streets of Baku with 20 turns, but the movement will take place counterclockwise. Racing will start from the main square of Azerbaijan - Freedom Square, later racing cars will pass near the Government House and finish at the State Flag Square. Some sections of the track will pass on Istiglaliyyet street and pass fortress walls of the medieval old town of Baku - Icheri Sheher.

Despite the fact that cars will move through the streets of the city, their maximum speed will be around 360 km/h, which will allow viewers to enjoy the speed and skill of the pilots. The development of the track was entrusted to the architectural bureau Hermann Tilke - German engineer, who is known for creating city tracks and autodrome turns with a variety of slow turns.


A wonderful overview opens from the main tribune Absheronto start-finish line and team garage. In addition, from here you can watch rise of the chequered flag and award ceremony on the pedestal. The main zone for entertainment and trade stalls locate here.

On Azneftsquare, right in front of one of the main turns of the track, stands eponymous tribune No.5. Next to it, there is a tennis court and yacht club.

Opposite to the most beautiful building of Puppet Theatre there is a tribune no. 7 - Mugam Bey, from where two sections of the track are visible: one of them lead to start-finish line, another one to the historical section of Baku city.

From tribune no. 8"Sahil",located on the 20th turn, the viewers can view one section of the track, from where the pilots move to the start-finish line and pass through 5th and 6th turns.

Tribune No.4 "Icheri Sheher"locates on the hill next to the walls of Old town, offering a unique view to the track and sights of Baku.

Tribune no.9"Boulevard" , locates opposite to the tribune no.10 and Museum Center. From this section of the track, you can see how the pilots go to the start-finish point.

Tribune no.10"Khazar"stands opposite to the tribune no.9.

Tribune no. 11 shows the overview of 16th turn and section of the track, located at the angle. Especially in this part, the pilots use convenient possibility to overtake each other.

Tribune "Giz Galasy" stands next to the Maiden Tower. Here the racers pass the turn No. 18 and drive along the road, leading down to the historical statute of UNESCO.

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